Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tiara Thursday: Halo Scroll Tiara

 Now onto the tiara Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wore on her wedding: Halo Scroll Tiara.  This tiara was once owned by the Queen Mother, but worn by other members of the Royal Family including the Princess Royal and Princess Margaret.  It hadn't seen the light of day in decades and everyone was surprised to see it appear on Catherine for her wedding day.  I remember in the lead up to the day, everyone was speculation she would have worn Queen Mary's fringe tiara like her grandmother in law and aunt in law did for their royal weddings, alas it wasn't to be.  In fact, I seem to recall everyone scrambling to find out what the tiara was called. 

I put two views of my interpretation of the tiara on this post. One with the veil and one without veil.  It took me two tries to get this tiara right and I hope I did it justice.

You can find a detailed history here or a brief history here

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