Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Princess Charlotte's Wedding Dress

This post is featuring a wedding dress of the past.  On May 2, 1816, Princess Charlotte, the daughter of the Prince Regent married Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.  If history had turned another way, Charlotte would have been Queen Charlotte of England with Prince Leopold as her consort.  Unfortunately she tragically died in childbirth, which lead to several of her uncles dropping their mistresses to marry suitable princesses and the baby race which produced the Princess Victoria who would eventually become Queen.

Inspired by Princess Charlotte, I decided to create her wedding dress.  I created the pattern, since it was mainly silver I decided to use silver embroidery thread with White yarn.  It is created in six pieces.  The front and back are not matching.  The front of the skirt and the train are sewn together.  I ended up use six skeins of embrodiery floss to complete this dress and it is one of the more expensive ones I've made.

It is a silver wedding dress.  Normally in the 1800's people wore their best to get wedding and that didn't mean white.  It was only after Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding that white became popular for wedding dresses.

For more information and pictures of the dress click here.

Yarns Used: Caron Simply Soft White and Silver Embroidery thread (I don't remember what Number I used.)

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